About the photographer

Danielle J. Norton

Danielle has been professionally capturing moments of genuine love and emotion since 2016. From the age of seven Danielle would play "photoshoot" with a vintage film camera shaping her love for the art from an early age.

Danielle’s work is inspired by the natural joy that comes with a wedding celebration as well as fashion, European architecutre, and natural beauty that influence the design and destinations of her client’s weddings. 

Danielle's years of experience as a professional model gives her a keen eye for directing and posing her clients to look their best while feeling comfortable. Her outgoing personality allows her to personally connect with each individual as well as the ability to manage large wedding parties. Danielle, her husband Ben, and daughter Margaret are based in Charlotte, North Carolina and are blessed to travel all over the country and Europe working with the most incredible clients documenting beautiful weddings, family and honeymoon sessions. 
One of the greatest compliments Danielle has received from clients is their love for her professional and calming demeanor throughout the wedding day and her care for each couple as well as their families. 


Danielle J. Norton

love notes

Not only is Danielle's work incredible but made everyone feel so comfortable...It felt like having another friend by my side all day long. Her work is timeless and will be hanging on our walls for years to come.


“She loves creating the photos that will become family heirlooms. I think that really captures how much care and thought she puts into her product”


she is kind, enthusiastic, and extremely professional. our photos are not only absolutely beautiful, but Danielle really captured the love, joy, and FUN we were having on our day.


Danielle's experience with modeling and photography both give her so much knowledge... She has so much understanding of how to position people, how light works, working with film, working within natural landscapes and among beautiful buildings.


As a wedding planner, having a photography team to recommend that you trust to deliver a high-quality product while being fun and personable along the way is so valuable!! Danielle is everything I want for my clients in a photographer.

Melanie of Lane Stewart Events